Hitting the trail, packs and all!


Day one from springer to hawk mountain shelter. All in all around 9 miles total. It was a rough 9 miles. More strenious than any other hike we’ve yet to do together. The most difficult hike I’ve ever done in my life and thats before you add the 40 lbs I was carrying… Turns out mountains are tough. Who knew?

We keep on learning our ability to push each other goes far deeper than we imagined. We make a damn good team if I do say so myself. All in all we made it to the shelter, tired, but we made it. We immediately started learning. Little things like, set up your tent promptly upon arrival. Because you know, rain and stuff. Once we set up the tent in a slight drizzle the rain stopped. Madison cooked and amazing dinner of noodles, summer sausage and cashews. We made new friends and like clockwork, when the sun went down every one retired to their sleeping quarters.

Then there was rain….  Continue reading “Embrace the Suck”