The days are a blur. I couldn’t tell you what day it is at this point. I am fully engulfed in these hills. The only time we know the days of the week are days we make it to a town. We resupply and if we’re lucky sleep in a bed. Then right back to trail. Its a relentlessly viscious cycle. But all in all our hearts are still in it for the long haul. We’ve had some time off trail for trail days in Damascus, Virginia and spent some time with my brother Shane in Tennessee. We’ve drank to toasts given by trail legends and rubbed elbows with hundreds of people who have actually done what we are trying to do. But above all else and besides all that fun, we still have a couple thousand miles to complete. Because after all we are not thru hikers until we complete this entire trail.
  So therein lies the question. When do we feel the need to give up? When will we hit that wall? And beyond that what can we do to defuse this time-bomb? 
  The routine is life now. Up at 7am Breakfast. Pack up as quickly as possible and walk as long as possible, most days 10+ miles. Dinner at 7pm. Bed ready by 730pm and food hung 8pm. Repeat. We’re in the groove now. We’ve got our towns planned to get the most of a zero day and Madison kills it when it comes to eating out here so I consider myself the luckiest guy on the trail. I just carry what she tells me and we keep hiking on. The last sign we passed a few miles back said 1,914  miles to Katahdin. Seems daunting considering what we’ve gone through just 270 in the first month and a half. We’re still slower than most but we’re still out here. 
 Most people drop out before Hot Springs, NC. We’ll be there tomorrow morning…. AND we’ll continue on the day after that, weather permitting. We still have more miles to catch and smiles to be had! 
PS. We now have trail names. Now, I’m Tramp and Madison is Lady. I think it fits!  
Stay tuned kids! We’re just getting started!       -Tramp