Us on the AT

Lady, the Tramp, and two furry toddlers take on the Appalachian Trail


July 2017

Flippidy Floppidy

So it’s 12:10 AM right now. I’m laying awake in a twin bed while Dylan, “Tramp,” is completely knocked out on one side, and the dogs are knocked out on the other.  Continue reading “Flippidy Floppidy”


When we first set out to do this crazy Journey I often had Daydreams and being out in the middle of nowhere. Alone, with no one around for miles. Let me be clear this is not the case. We have met hundreds of thru-hikers and hundreds of day and section hikers plus the dozens upon dozens of Trail angels and all around great people who truly love the trail. In one day we met over 30 Trail maintainers who volunteer their time and sometimes money just to make our time on the trail suck a little bit less. Continue reading “Community”

Lady on the Trail

Disclaimer: if you are butt hurt by discussions of feminism or choose to believe that women do not have bodily functions, you should close this blog.
I mean personally I think you should close it and then go learn how to be a functioning member of society, but I’m biased. In any case, you’ve been warned.  Continue reading “Lady on the Trail”

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