While we hike because we love it, it also gives us an opportunity to raise money for a cause that is very important to us – Mental Health.

Dylan lost his mom at a very young age which triggered PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression.

Madison has a history of mental health issues in her family and has several very close friends who battle mental illness.

We discovered a real-life Santa Claus named Tom Kennedy who introduced us to Hike for Mental Health, an organization that donates 80% of every dollar to research and education and 20% to maintenance of the AT and PCT. The founders of Hike for Mental Health cover all of the fees that typically detract from a donation so that 100% of all donations goes to the foundation.

If you want to contribute to our hike, please visit the link below! If you cannot afford to donate, please at least share this website or our Hike for Mental Health page to help us spread the word about a wonderful organization.