Us on the AT

Lady, the Tramp, and two furry toddlers take on the Appalachian Trail



Back to the Real World: Part 1

I originally wrote the post you are about to read in mid November, but never quite got around to posting it. Soon you will see a follow up, now that we are again preparing to leave, but I think it is really important that we share all aspects of this adventure with you; even when they are mostly internalized rants about being depressed.

Enjoy. Continue reading “Back to the Real World: Part 1”

Downward Spiral

It’s cold. Not freezing, but the kind of chill that seeps into your joints and makes it difficult to get moving.

It’s bright. Not quite sunny, but a mostly clear sky and the sun is steadily rising.

By all reports the beginnings of a wonderful day for hiking.

I can’t stop crying. Continue reading “Downward Spiral”

On the Real

This shit sucks.

Oh, I’m sorry, is that not what you were expecting? Let me rephrase.

This shit really, really sucks. Continue reading “On the Real”

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