Us on the AT

A Lady, a Tramp, and two furry toddlers taking on the Appalachian Trail

Cat’s out of the bag

On Tuesday I officially announced to my staff that I will be leaving. The teensy circle of trust is now so big that guests of the restaurant are aware and asking me about it – especially some of the local regulars (sup John & Jan!) Continue reading “Cat’s out of the bag”

Moving Sucks

Today I woke up, in my bed, surrounded by my things, and with Baby Cat lying next to me, except its not my place. On Wednesday we moved all of my things to my mother’s. Its mine, but it’s not mine anymore. I’m a temporary resident. I sold mom the couches and dining set. My bedroom furniture is her guest room. I am living at home again, but in a home that isn’t mine. I didn’t grow up here. There’s no emotional attachment to marks on the wall or blind familiarity with corners and sticky drawers the likes of which any number of my fellow millennials have experienced in returning to the architectural wombs of our childhoods. Continue reading “Moving Sucks”

9 boxes.

I’ve been self-reliant since I was 17 years old. My life has been up’s and down’s since I was 4 when I lost my Mother. I’ve raised my kid brother from the age of 11 starting when I was 18.. I alone kept food in his mouth clothes on his back and for the most part, a dry bed to sleep in. All while fighting the recession .. He was 18 when he left and I was alone…. Alone for the first time in my life. I lost my house, my relationship, my little brother, friends, family and even my dog max…. down but not out. I stayed on a friend’s couch for 3 months. Continue reading “9 boxes.”

jump feet first


We could damn near count the hours until all of this planning, gear hunting, gear testing, and wild dreams come to one single moment in our lives… That first step.  The very first of five million steps we’ll take to make this dream a reality. Every night I look into the eyes of our dummies (our dogs) “are yall ready?” Ready to prove all of the naysayers wrong? Hike and survive well past 200 miles so we can tell Brian Moynihan to eat it? (Feel free to ask me about Brian) Continue reading “jump feet first”

So…we’re doing this

We’re going to attempt a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. Me. Dylan. Bandit. Charlie. In just over two months we will be quitting our lives to go live in the woods for half a year. HALF a YEAR.  Continue reading “So…we’re doing this”

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