Us on the AT

Lady, the Tramp, and two furry toddlers take on the Appalachian Trail

Did I mention this is the Worst?

Hiking sucksssssssssss.

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Back to the Real World: Part 2

Turns out being up front about leaving from day one doesn’t make it any easier.

I had significantly less time with this group and, perhaps because I 100% knew I was temporary and so did they, there was definitely more care to toe the line of professionalism. It was, in some ways, a less emotional departure, but not in the ways that mattered. Continue reading “Back to the Real World: Part 2”

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Hiking with Dogs (so far)

Oh Damn. This ish is tough. I mean TOUGH. Seriously one of the most difficult parts of this hike has been the dogs. Granted, there are two of them, but just in case you were thinking of attempting a thru with your pup:

THINK CAREFULLY. Of course you want to have your dog with you, but doing so completely changes the parameters of your hike. If you are not willing to make every single decision on your hike with your dog as an important factor, then you should not bring them. Continue reading “Hiking with Dogs (so far)”

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Back to the Real World: Part 1

I originally wrote the post you are about to read in mid November, but never quite got around to posting it. Soon you will see a follow up, now that we are again preparing to leave, but I think it is really important that we share all aspects of this adventure with you; even when they are mostly internalized rants about being depressed.

Enjoy. Continue reading “Back to the Real World: Part 1”

Backcountry Chefing

“So what do you eat?!”

“Do you like hunt squirrels and stuff?!”

“How do you know which mushrooms to eat?!”

“So you carry like a bow and arrow or something?” Continue reading “Backcountry Chefing”

Downward Spiral

It’s cold. Not freezing, but the kind of chill that seeps into your joints and makes it difficult to get moving.

It’s bright. Not quite sunny, but a mostly clear sky and the sun is steadily rising.

By all reports the beginnings of a wonderful day for hiking.

I can’t stop crying. Continue reading “Downward Spiral”

Hey Society…. didn’t miss you.

I grew up always understanding that the homeless people I seen every day were always, above all else, people. Continue reading “Hey Society…. didn’t miss you.”

Gear Updates and Changes, 800 Miles In

So we’re just going to do this as a nice little listy list. I’ll try to get pictures of the gear I don’t  have photos of, for those of you who are interested. There have been a few major overhauls, and then several weight based switch outs. Continue reading “Gear Updates and Changes, 800 Miles In”

Here We Are Again

I keep finding myself here: awake at three in the morning. Charlie is wedged in the crook of one elbow, Dylan to my right, Bandit licking at himself on the floor.

The side of my foot hurts. I trip a lot. Probably stepped on a rock the wrong way. That’s going to be annoying.

I don’t know why this is always where I end up. I guess it’s the Virgo or the Pastry Chef or the Mom in me that can’t stop running through the list of things to accomplish in so very, very little time.

I keep unclenching my jaw, though I don’t recall clenching it to begin with. My dentist would be disappointed.

My stomach hurts. Though that could be from the cake. I just had a birthday. I’m twenty-five now. Continue reading “Here We Are Again”

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